Irish Celtic Folk Music - Spinning Wheel Band - Austria

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„… exquisite voice and incredibly catchy arrangements “
the band spinning wheel plays irish folk music

A caleidoscope of celtic music: beautiful folk songs and zappy irish tunes
from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany

the band spinning wheel tells music folk tales
for folk music many guitarists use open tuning
irish folk used to travel in carts

We are frequently being asked: why does a band from vienna play Celtic and Irish folk music? Here's why: celtic songs are suffused with stories and mysticism. And Irish dance tunes goes straight into your legs. The culture of the Celts pervades the entire European continent. It does not matter whether you are in Ireland or in Austria: everyone intuitively just gets the rhythm and the melodies of the Celts. Apart from atmospheric folk ballads and rhythmically thrilling mouth music in Gaelic language our band also play dance tunes on the flute and the accordion, accompanied by harp, guitar and drums. We regularly perform at cultural events, at Irish pubs and festivals. The music of the band Spinning Wheel can also be heard at weddings time and again.

Booking Info:  0043 - (0)680 / 212 51 78
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0680 / 212 51 78
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